I’ll Be Seeing Erin Andrews Soon. Any Questions?

One of the privileges of being a student in the University of Florida’s College of Journalism is that I get literally every piece of communication even vaguely related to journalism involving the school.

Another, the by-product of this, is the privilege of seeing Erin Andrews live and in color this Thursday night at a talk she, a 2007 Outstanding Young Alumna of UF, is giving. (You’ll be able to watch, too, as there’s a live webcast link on that page, but it likely won’t show you anything until about 6:15. And, seriously, you’d miss March Madness to watch Erin Andrews talk? Who are you?)

I’ll be going (yeah, I have an Econ test at 8:30 and need to study for it, but my priorities aren’t screwed up at all), and I would rather be open than the object of jealousy, so my question to the world is: Does anyone have any questions?

I’m open to asking your questions and getting your answers, and that would make the follow-up post on seeing her a little more interesting for you, no? So leave your questions in the comments. I’ll do what I can. 

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