When Seattle Goes To Lambeau…

This is what happens when Seattle travels to Green Bay for a playoff game, according to history. It excerpts the infamous “We want the ball and we’re gonna score” moment, perhaps the finest unrealized braggadocio in sports other than anything Mike Tyson has said to an opponent this century.

I can’t link directly to the video, but it’s obviously the second link down on the page. Only in Real Player, and isn’t available anywhere else on the ‘Net that I can find, so a quick download makes sense.

The Al Harris interception is at about 3:18.

Basically, each of the last three times the Packers and Seahawks have played with something at stake (in 2005, the Seahawks had the #1 seed in the NFC clinched before their Week 17 date at Lambeau, and rested most of their starters), these two teams had different identities: both were power-running teams with strong, bullying offensive lines.

But Steve Hutchinson flew the Seattle coop in 2006 to join the Minnesota Vikings, and Green Bay saw Marco Rivera defect to Dallas in the interim. Each team comes in running an incarnation of West Coast offense, with Shaun Alexander sputtering and breaking down in 2007 and Green Bay not entirely trusting their young halfback, Ryan Grant, to carry the team; Matt Hasselbeck has enjoyed his greatest statistical season, and Brett Favre’s Renaissance has been one of the League’s lead storylines.

So the prevailing logic holds that whichever team is more successful through the air will ultimately advance. Everyone knows what sealed that 2003 playoff game; it was the only turnover of the entire game.

And, unfortunately for Seattle fans, Al Harris still plays cornerback in green and gold.

Update: Matt Hasselbeck has a sense of humor about this, apparently. (Bottom of page.) 


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