Chris Paul, Chief Fleur-De-Bee

Tuesday night, third-year New Orleans Hornets guard Chris Paul scored 19 and had 21 dimes against 2 turnovers in the Fleur-De-Bees’ victory over a Los Angeles Lakers team that seems headed for their typical bipolar season.

And that Hornets team is 4-0. It’s far too early to call them a playoff team, but, if Paul plays at his best, which is on par with Steve Nash on an average night, and if Peja Stojakovic (remember him?) keeps shooting, they’re just rugged enough to be playing in April and May. First, though, there’s their most treacherous division in the NBA to navigate, including the Texas Triangle of San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston and a Memphis team that could be a #4 seed in the East.

(The alternate headline was CP3-Oh! I’m fairly happy I resisted the urge.)

By the way, that titular logo is on patches that “illustrate the passion the entire organization has for the people of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans.” Right.



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  2., how do you do it?

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