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The Sojourn to South Beach: Week 10

It’s a new feature on what teams need to do to get to the 305. Continue reading

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The Hangover Cure: Week 9

I’m not above a little cross-promotion. Continue reading


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Live Blog: Florida Gators vs. Kentucky Wildcats

It’s another Raycom Sports Special.

Don’t let that get you down. Continue reading


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The Arena On the Radio

Want to hear me talk about college football with Matt Sussman? Then you will want to tune into the BC Sports Treehouse Fort at noon today.

(I come on at about 12:20.)

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The Saturday Speculator: Week 9

Week 9 means the return of analysis. Continue reading

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Future Victims of the Brett Favre Effect

Pat Forde’s got a good column up on the bizarre end to Lute Olson’s coaching career, and in it, he nails one of the more important concepts of the current sports landscape:

Call it the Brett Favre Effect — the more beloved a sports figure becomes, the harder it is to leave with grace.

Using that thesis, who’s going to follow Favre’s footsteps? Continue reading

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Fantasy Partners: Why Does Rick Reilly Get Barack Obama While Bill Simmons Gets Matthew Berry?

Remember when Bill Simmons was going to have Barack Obama on his podcast?

My bet is that he can’t forget. This Rick Reilly piece won’t help. Continue reading


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Chris Paul’s Star Gets Burnished

I dare you not to choke up a little bit watching the amateur video E:60 dug up from Chris Paul’s 61-point tribute to his grandfather. And I dare you not to like him at least a little more after watching that.

Also, could someone please get me CP3′s or LeBron’s Xbox Live gamertag? Thanks and maybe more will be in store for you if you do.

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